Joshua Mosshart and Malia Ventures Enable Technology Transfer and Strategic Alliances

Joshua Mosshart and Malia Ventures Enable Technology Transfer and Strategic AlliancesJoshua Mosshart and Malia Ventures Enable Technology Transfer and Strategic Alliances

MALIBU, CA – Egypt just announced plans to build a brand-new business capital between Cairo and the Red Sea as part of the country’s economic turnaround drive. The development worth $45 billion, funded exclusively by private investors, is cooperation between the country’s president and the UAE and seeks to accommodate seven million people and create 1.75 million jobs. The goal is to build a master-planned city from scratch, including an international airport, large green spaces, and a theme park. Special focus will be put on long-term sustainability, environmental best practices, renewable energy, and clean technologies. [source:] This is not only good news for Egyptians and the environment at large, but also for green tech companies outside of Egypt looking for potential strategic alliance partners to promote their innovations abroad.

The idea of a strategic alliance is simple: Businesses or developers can ‘rent’ their innovative ideas to large corporations in form of a license and earn royalties in return. The hard part is making the connection between the two potential partners. This is where Malia Ventures comes in. The California-based organization, managed by Joshua Mosshart, specializes in enabling those collaborations to help big organizations identify new technologies and give startups a chance to enter into fast growing international markets. “Essentially we are representing clean technology manufacturers and are licensing their products on a worldwide scale,” explains Mosshart.

Many multinational corporations as well as political institutions turn to Malia Ventures for license transfer, including the United Nations, USAID, NATO, and NGOs. Countries with an especially high number of Malia Venture partners are South Korea, Egypt, Middle East, and North Africa. But there really are no geographical limits: “The great thing about strategic alliances is that they are global and literally know no borders,” enthuses Joshua Mosshart. “This gives local businesses the opportunity to enter foreign markets that would otherwise not be accessible to them because they are lacking funding, or because the cultural differences are too significant to apply the same sales strategy to the market abroad.”

Alliances can result in licensing transfers or co-branding agreements, depending on the needs and expectations on both sides. “In the end everybody wins,” Mosshart exults. “The company who developed the innovative technology earns money from royalties, the partner who uses it saves expenses on R&D, and since we are specializing in clean solutions, the environment benefits from it too, because it allows us to spread sustainable practices literally across the entire world.” Granted licenses are exclusive, which opens huge opportunities to the holders to commercialize a product and bring it to a whole new level. This in turn leads to the creation of new jobs in the license holder’s country, adding an upswing in the local economy as an extra bonus.

Joshua Mosshart and Malia Ventures Enable Technology Transfer and Strategic Alliances

Joshua Mosshart and Malia Ventures Enable Technology Transfer and Strategic Alliances

Malia Ventures is the brainchild of Joshua Mosshart who heads the company and is heavily involved in creating fruitful relationships between suitable partners. Through his extensive collaborations with the United Nations and his almost two decades of experience in the marketing and financial industries he has established close ties to international institutions, heads of states, and some of the most powerful families in the world, including the royal family in Saudi Arabia, which allows him to connect clean tech companies to a wide array of potential loan holders.

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Joshua Mosshart
Joshua D. Mosshart MSFS, CHFC, CLU, CASL, Founder Mr. Mosshart is Co-Chairman Commercial Capital Plus and Malia Ventures Inc. Joshua has collaborated with the United Nations, Hollywood Celebrities and Captains of industry structuring off market transactions. The decade prior he was working in the debt and equity markets managing capital for high net worth individuals. He received his Masters of Science in Financial Services degree, MSFS from the Institute of Business and Finance. Mr. Mosshart worked on Wall Street and had extensive training at the Union Bank of Switzerland. His certifications include the following: Certified Estate Advisor, National Association of Financial and Estate Planning (N.A.F.E.P.). Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) Certification Curriculum, American College. ​ Chartered Financial Consultant (CHFC®) designation the “The Industry’s Most Complete Financial Planning Program” . Chartered Advisor in Senior Living (CASL®) retirement coaching designation as a leading credential in the senior/retirement area. Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU®) designation which is the highest level designation available in the life insurance profession. Additionally he was awarded his series 7, 24, 63, & 66 securities licenses (no longer active). ​ Joshua writes BLOGS about procuring grants in Washington. ​ Joshua, a former Merchant Marine, co-founded a non-profit organization raising significant capital for endangered species in his youth. ​ Earth-Friends non-profit organization became the first non-profit organization to operate on the Mall in Washington D.C. He also served as a delegate for the United Nations RIO-20. Joshua represents a portfolio of 41 clean-tech companies facilitating the procurement of Unsolicited grant funding requests for clean-technology companies for FY 2014 with various Federal Agencies.