Joshua Mosshart and Offer Unsolicited Grants Program for Private Companies

Joshua Mosshart and Offer Unsolicited Grants Program for Private Companies

Joshua Mosshart and Offer Unsolicited Grants Program for Private Companies

MALIBU, CA – The President’s fiscal budget plan for 2016 proposes a Clean Power State Initiative Fund to invest billions of dollars into renewable-energy and climate technologies [source:], supporting Obama’s agenda for clean energy, which he hopes to establish as a presidential legacy by the time he leaves the White House next year. The announcement followed a number of considerable grants that are all already available through various government agencies, including $63 million through the Department of Agriculture and $7.2 million through the National Science Foundation.

These programs are by no means limited to big corporations, but are rather targeted towards small companies and startups that have developed innovative technologies, but are lacking the funds to implement them on a commercial scale.

“The traditional way of getting a grant is through solicitation,” explains Joshua Mosshart, Co-Chairman at Cleantech Grants, an organization that has specialized in writing proposals for cleantech businesses. “But with the funding program private companies can apply for unsolicited grants at a state and a federal level, which gives them an opportunity to receive money to get started without having to give away the ownership of their company.”

Together with a team of analysts, Mosshart determines whether an application fulfills the requirements to qualify:

“We look at the mission and the initiative to decide what’s being appropriated by Government agencies,” he explains. “The two critical factors are whether the applicant has their own unique intellectual property and whether they are resource-efficient. That means can they achieve more of a benefit with less resources compared to competitors?”

In order to streamline the initial evaluation process, CleanTech Grants has developed a proprietary screening algorithm that analyses the language of a requests and compares it to the mandates of awarding agencies. Once a proposal passes this first obstacle, it is handed on to a technical team that evaluates the merits of the technology.

CleanTech Grants works together with the Department of Energy, the Department of Transportation, the USAID, and the Department Interior and has an in-depth knowledge of the requirements the different agencies are setting. On average, CleanTech prescreens ten companies each month and helps promising candidates to get accepted in one of the funding programs. To create the highest probability of success the Clean Tech Grants team use a proprietary submission format, highly trained analysts, skilled technicians, relevant government institutions, and Joshua Mosshart’s extensive knowledge of the cleantech industry.

“We look at the budgets that are available for those agencies and what funding cycle we are at, because timing is so critical in getting money,” he reveals.

Once a proposal is accepted, grants ranging between $500,000 and $10 millions are awarded within 90 and 120 days, enabling innovative companies to take their cleantech ideas to the market.

Joshua Mosshart is an internationally acclaimed financial expert and passionate proponent of sustainable technologies who founded CleanTech Grants with the goal of supporting businesses to realize their vision of green energy and environmentally friendly solutions, while at the same time contributing to the creation of new jobs in the United States. In addition to his managing role at CleanTech, he holds the position of Co-Chairman of Malia Ventures, Inc., a platform that creates strategic alliances between innovative clean technology businesses and potential investors, and Co-Chairman of Commercial Capital Plus, a nationally recognized leader in commercial finance.

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Joshua Mosshart
Joshua D. Mosshart MSFS, CHFC, CLU, CASL, Founder Mr. Mosshart is Co-Chairman Commercial Capital Plus and Malia Ventures Inc. Joshua has collaborated with the United Nations, Hollywood Celebrities and Captains of industry structuring off market transactions. The decade prior he was working in the debt and equity markets managing capital for high net worth individuals. He received his Masters of Science in Financial Services degree, MSFS from the Institute of Business and Finance. Mr. Mosshart worked on Wall Street and had extensive training at the Union Bank of Switzerland. His certifications include the following: Certified Estate Advisor, National Association of Financial and Estate Planning (N.A.F.E.P.). Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) Certification Curriculum, American College. ​ Chartered Financial Consultant (CHFC®) designation the “The Industry’s Most Complete Financial Planning Program” . Chartered Advisor in Senior Living (CASL®) retirement coaching designation as a leading credential in the senior/retirement area. Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU®) designation which is the highest level designation available in the life insurance profession. Additionally he was awarded his series 7, 24, 63, & 66 securities licenses (no longer active). ​ Joshua writes BLOGS about procuring grants in Washington. ​ Joshua, a former Merchant Marine, co-founded a non-profit organization raising significant capital for endangered species in his youth. ​ Earth-Friends non-profit organization became the first non-profit organization to operate on the Mall in Washington D.C. He also served as a delegate for the United Nations RIO-20. Joshua represents a portfolio of 41 clean-tech companies facilitating the procurement of Unsolicited grant funding requests for clean-technology companies for FY 2014 with various Federal Agencies.